Saturday, 14 July 2012


So been meaning to post about this like all week, but better late than never ey? ;p aha
But anyway,Tenerife was AMAZING!!
Like fuhgjshnawkfhrfbbf AMAZING!!
Literally spent all week shopping, swimming, clubbing and drinking!
All my favourite things! :)

But the reason why I loved it so so much was that out there it was like I wasn't ill at all.
Before I was so so low, but out there it all just went away.
I was just so happy to be around my best mates & I was able to eat without any problems at all!
I guess I just felt really proud (sounding vain here!! aha) but I could have easily restricted. I mean my mates would quite easily fall for ana's tricks compared to my parents but I stuck to my guns & now I'm confident that if I go to uni I will still eat.
Don't get me wrong, the thoughts are still there. I kinda feel like it'll be a long, long time before they start to go away. But now I'm not as tempted to give in. So maybe I am nearly there?

I think the holiday was just what I needed.
It really did make me feel so normal again.
It was hard, and at first I was so scared but towards the end of the week it was as if I didn't have depression at all :).
I just hope this feeling will last!
Anyway missed blogging a lot!!
What have you all been up to?

Love ali Ox

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