Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Need advice!


  1. Hey,
    OMG I totally get this. I've been out of hospital 2 months now, and I couldn't wait to get out, I was so bored and miserable. But now I find myself missing hospital, not necessarily being thin again, although that's part of it, but I miss being 'sick' and taken care of, and locked away from the world. I guess being 'sick' kind of becomes our identity and when we lose that we feel like we don't have anything else special. I guess when we find stuff hard, like being in the real world again (even if you don't go to hospital, when you're not eating anorexia takes you out of the real world) it's so tempting to wish for it back. I don't really know how to help, because I still really struggle with it, I'm jealous of my friends back in hospital and I WANT to be ill again. But I guess we have to find something else that gives us meaning/ purpose, something better, because being ill isn't an accomplishment! So we have to try and find something that we care about just as much. It's so hard. But don't feel you're weird or anything, I think everyone struggles with this, anorexia is not just about being thin, it's the whole identity. Keep going though, you're doing great :) xxx

  2. Okay, so you are GORGEOUS! Just had to say that. And I can just tell how beautiful your heart is. I know that sounds cheesy, but you just have this shining light about you.
    Anyway, I know what you mean about missing being sick. It's like you miss that numb feeling.. things were simpler. But honestly life is best lived with feeling. You also have to remember how much that girl hates herself. And how sad that is. You have to experience the sadness of life now that you're not 'numb', but you also get to experience all of the incredible joys! and that is something to be cherished. Being sick is not something to be jealous over. We need to stop the comparison and find happiness within ourselves.
    And you deserve that. You really do.
    sending you my love!! xoxo