Monday, 16 July 2012

Holiday photos!

So you all wan a see my holiday pics right??


You know I'm gona show you anyway ;p

I actually took like 500 photos! So I think I'll just show you the ones with good stories behind them :) (ignore my ugs drunkeness!!)

So on the first night we thought we'd just head out for a quick cocktail but that didn't happen!
Gaby actually got so drunk 2 really sweet guys had to carry her back.
So much for our quiet drink...

Why we encouraged them to drink more is beyond me :S

At the beach :)

Developed a new love of pole dancing ;P

Our T's on the strip :)

"The Tease"
Nic's new bestie

leg-up ;)

Definitely not worrying about the calories ;)


I had some great dance moves...

Enjoying my food :)

Best bartender ever!

The night spain won :) 


Our "family" drinking game ;P

Only nics ;P

At the waterpark :)

almost filling it out ;P

We love O'neils!

Jess <3

My 18th surprise party!

Mad pole skills ;)

Free cocktails!

& I even ended the last night enjoying a kebab :)

The holiday was just what I needed & I actually came back feeling so different.
I kinda felt like I grew up a lot, I realised a lot of things.
I did feel conscious on the holiday, but unlike before I just ignored that thought & had fun!
I wouldn't say I'm 100% fine, but I don't think anyone is.
Right now I feel so much more comfortable in my life.
It's been a hard year, but I've made it, and right now I'm happier than ever.

How's your summer going?
Lots of love,
ali Ox


  1. You little star!!! im so proud of you (and more than a smidge jealous) you look like you had so much fun! :-)
    Well done for leaving the ED behind and giving yourself a well deserved break... how nice is it when you dont have to worry about things 24/7?! Just try to carry that feeling through now that youre home.
    Can i say a quick WOOPWOOP for your surprise bday do!!! you ROCKED that pole girl (and im loving your outfit, you look hawt!)
    hope youre not too bummed to be back in the uk, apparently its gonna be sunny next week.. yipyip!

  2. You look amazing in all your photos, check you out working that pole! Bet you were a hit with the guys ;)
    Hope you had a good holiday - ED free! Your young and beautiful...enjoy!

    Summer x

  3. Looks like you had a good time!! The perfect thing!! :) And i have to say.. you look amazing!!! You have such a great body :) Nothing ot be ashamed or embarrassed about.
    But you're right.. i dont think anyone feels 100% amazing about their body, even if they do look aamzing!! :)

    Im so happy for you that you've been able to enjoy yourself, and eat nice food and drink etc etc!! You might not be completly healthy, but you have come so far...!!! So never give up.... realise that 'this' is life. Being able to just live, and have a good time.
    thats what life is worth living for!!! Not the bad, anxiety filled days!!

    You are gorgeous!!! :)

    My summer has been good, the weathers been really bad. But ive made the best of it, spending time with friends, sleeping in, 'mini-get aways!' haha!
    I still have roughly a month left until school begins (ugghhh) so im going to make teh best of what i have left!! :)