Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Sorry for my messed up post yesterday!
I think sometimes my mind just goes all weird :/
Anyway I've woken up & read my post & realised how stupid I sound!!
Don't worry I wouldn't do anything stupid like that its just I want a break, just a few days or so I want to escape from all this. But now I'm thinking only 2 more weeks & I can :).
So yes thank you for all the positive comments/emails! & I will reply to them all very soon!!

So today is my best friends 18th birthday!!
I've known her for 14 years so today is really special for me.
We're going up London to this amazing diner for lunch & I'm actually really excited!
Okay part of me is thinking whats the lowest calorie thing? How much fat is in it? etc etc but today I'm just going to go there & order what I feel like. It actually feels so good to know that calories no longer dominate my life :)

So I hope today will be a great day, free from ana :)
Better get back to studying :/
Will post later
Love ali Ox


  1. Sweetie we all have bad days. Don't ever be ashamed to express yourself at these times, often it is the one thing that helps most. I hope you are ok. Sending you much love and hope xo

    1. Thank you kylie <3
      Feel so much better now thank you!
      Much love to you, best of luck with the job search! Ox