Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sick :(

Last night I started to feel proper ill and this morning I feel even worse.
I'm so annoyed! Today I was meant to meet my best friend Jack & now I'm like err I don't want to get out of bed!
I really want to go but I'm freezing, I'm exhausted, Im just sick :(
I hate letting people down so I feel I should force myself to go but I just don't know :/
I guess its hard because it feels like I never know if I'm actually ill or if its just my brain tricking me...
What should I do?

Love ali Ox


  1. Hi! Sorry to hear you're sick.. hope you're feeling better soon :) if you're sick it's totally o.k. to not go out, you're not letting anybody down! Bed is where you should be if you're not feeling well :) and it doesn't sound like your mind tricking you, if you're freezing and exhausted that sounds like a cold to me, so I'd say get some soup, go in your bed, and watch some movies until you're feeling better :)

    1. Thank you Anja!
      Had such a nice rest day, was so needed!
      I think its just me that my mind tricks me to thinking I'm sick... ah well :)
      Hope you had a great last day! Ox

  2. Not nice to be sick. I think the best thing is rest.. Your friends will understand. if you force yourself.out when you don't want to go out or don't feel well you'll just end up feeling worse. so a day in bed will do you good!!:)
    Get well soon!! Eat soup, relax and watch some films!!:)

    1. Thank you izzy! You're so sweet :)
      Had such a nice day in bed watching movies!
      Don't know if I was sick or not but I definitely needed a rest day.
      Hope you're feeling better now your back in Sweeden <3 Ox