Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I love shopping.

Like actually love it!!

Getting ready for my hol I've been shopping so much!!
On monday I headed up to Oxford St. to get everything for my hol & it was so much fun!
Okay slightly worrying that I seriously had the best time shopping by myself...
But it was so good!! aha

It was weird I wasn't anxious at all.
I was so scared to go & to see all the mirrors, but it didn't actually bother me that much.
For the first time I was actually looking at the clothes, not just my body.
It made me realise that I am so close to full recovery now :).

A few days ago I was thinking ahh if only I could loose a few kg before my holiday.
But the last few days have made me realise its so not worth it.
I don't love my body now, but I can deal with it.
And I'd much rather like my body less than be trapped into ana's cycle again.
I think the sessions in the clinic yesterday really helped, they made me realise how small a sacrifice I'm making.
All it is is being a few pounds heavier, but I gain so much for that.
Health, happiness, energy, its just so worth it!

We can do this girlies,
Love ali Ox


  1. Ooh i LOVE holiday shopping... you always seem to need about ten new versions of everything! :-p
    that maxi dress looks gorge hun, you are so right, its not worth falling back into bad habits just bcos you can. stick with it and give your body the respect and care that it deserves
    and HAVE FUN on ur holiday!!! (and take lots of summery pics to show us when u get back!) xx

  2. Shopping = bliss! Mirrors at times not so much. I am so glad you are doing well and feel much better in yourself and in your recovery. ♥ I love the blue poker dot dress and you look gorgeous! Much ♥ xo