Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Saturday :)

Havnt actually told you at all what I've been up to lately!
So mainly last few days have been panicking trying to get everything sorted for tomorrow!
I love how I'm making out like it was effort when actually it was so much fun! 

On saturday I did manage to see my 2 besties & it was so much fun.
I was actually really proud because we all cooked dinner & even though they took small portions, I made sure I didn't.
It was really tough but I felt like it was good preparation for this week, where no-one will be watching my eating.
I guess it made me feel a lot more confident that I am a lot stronger. 
Even if the thoughts are still there I haven't given in in such a long time & that makes me feel so proud :) 
So I'm basically just bragging... but whats wrong with being proud of your achievements :P aha

Anyway it was a really lovely evening & so nice to catch up with them after so long!

Love ali Ox

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