Thursday, 7 June 2012

My day :)

Okay so it seems like everyone is doing vlogs so I wanted to too.
I don't want it to seem like I'm copying any of you guys it just seemed fun & I wanted to see how I sounded :) aha

So anyway here's my first vlog...

Enjoy! Ox


  1. Aww yay well done you, your doing good :)
    Glad you're a bit happier :) xxx
    p.s. nice vlog ;)

    1. aha thank you! are you going to do one? Ox

  2. You're so cute!! haha, i feel like ive started a trend?! Loads of blogs im reading have done vlogs now!!
    Its cool though!! I like when others do vlogs :) - it is weird though sitting infront of hte camera just kind of talking... :)
    You should continue doing vlogs :) You sound so english?! haha

    Im glad that you went for the burger even though Ana said go for the salad, thats really good! And yeah, everyone deserves a treat now adn again!!
    I hope it goes well with the job!! Something to look forward to!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

    1. aha you actually have!!
      I was thinking will she think I'm copying her? I was so worried! aha
      It's so weird but I really like it- so much quicker than typing aha!
      aha I was thinking that! didn't realise I sounded like that!
      Thank you! Its weird but little steps like that make me feel so proud :) aha
      You too! any plans? Ox