Monday, 11 June 2012

Just incase your missing me...

So just incase your missing me heres a few vlogs I've done :)

Sorry for not replying to emails or commenting on anyones blogs! Promise to do so as soon as this exam is over tomorrow :)

Also just wanted to say how proud I am of izzy for her binge/purging post. No-one ever admits to it but I think its something most of us have gone through. So just wanted to say how proud I was of her for opening up to it & giving such great advice <3

Love ali Ox


  1. haha :) thanks... i didnt expect this.
    but i felt it is something which many dont admit, but many do go through... and i am all about honesty :)

    and you're really cute in the vlog! :) its good that you've had a good time, and talking to friends and that!!

    1. you're so brave to post about it, so thank you!!
      aha honesty is definitely the way. After all of ana's lies its nice that we can finally be truthful :P aha
      aha thank you I love your vlogs! Ox