Thursday, 7 June 2012

Happy 18th birthday marta!

So completely forgot to tell you guys about yesterday!!
Was actually so so much fun!

As I said it was my best friends birthday & we all went to this american diner in Picadilly Circus :)
My journey didn't actually start of great. I tripped & fell down the stairs & I think I broke my thumb... do you go to hospital for that? I don't know... aha
Anyway once all that was over I met all my friends in London & we had our lunch- which was so good!
All before I was like just order a salad & water but when I got there I was like I want a chicken burger & a milkshake. So I ordered it & it was so good!
*Feeling slightly guilty realising that I had a milkshake yesterday and a doughnut thing today, but ah well we all deserve a treat now and again :)*
Anyway so yh it was just really nice to be with my high school friends again. Its weird we like rarely all meet but when we do we all just feel so happy! Its really good to know that we'll all be friends for life :).
So afterwards we walked round looking in shops (checking out gilly hicks models... aha) but after like an hour I got so tired. You know that weird kind where you're like I'm going to pass out. I felt mean but I just made an excuse & left. I wish I could've stayed but I literally fell asleep on the train home so guessing I was probably right to leave then!
I just keep thinking errr when will my energy come back?? :/
So all in all was a great day & really hope marta had a great 18th!

Hope you all had a fun day :),
love ali Ox

my vanilla bun :)


  1. looking nice! Nothing as wonderful as hanging out with good friends (: Hope you are well, i have also been into that horrible ana thing for several years now, and still aren't completely out of it.. that bitch! (; But im getting there! (: Good luck to you, just keep on fighting!

    1. hey jennie :)
      you're so right! friends are the best mood lifter :)
      Same with you!
      Keep fighting Ox