Friday, 22 June 2012

afternoon tea :)

So today was really good!
Like I said I woke up feeling low but I got up & went out to see 2 of my friends.
I just spent a few hours with them (desperately trying to sort our holiday t-shirts!) but it was just so good to get out & see them.

After that I just had a nice walk home, had some lunch & then went for tea and cake with mum & fifi :).
Mum had promised me she would take me to this cafe as soon as I felt I could handle it, but we just kept forgetting! It was so nice to finally go there & be able to freely order what I felt like :).

My 2 best friends were meant to come round after but in a way I'm happy they couldn't. Don't get me wrong I'm dying to see them but I'm just so exhausted! Hopefully they can stay round mine tomorrow though :).

Anyway today was such a good day. Its the first day when I finally feel normal again.
I mean a few days ago my depression was terrible, I was even almost forced into inpatient treatment :(.
But today I was like back to normal, and that felt so amazing.

Hope you all had a great day,
Love ali Ox


  1. Aww so proud of you, well done for keeping on going. I know how hard it is with depression, you just don't see any point in carrying on. But you seem to be doing amazingly, hope the cake was nice :) Keep going
    Jess xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you jess!!
      Hope everything is good for you Ox

  2. yay so nice to hear you had a good day! so proud of you :) keep going xo

    1. aw thank you tess! How is everything for you? miss your blog Ox

  3. I hope you're feeling better... ? :) Its so nice to be able to go to cafes/restaurants and order what you want, not what has least calories or not order anything at all!!
    Dont give, things can get hard... but thats when you have to be strong and its the obstacles, the hard times that make you even stronger!! :)
    Find the positive things, look forward to summer!!! :)

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    1. Feel so much better now thanks I think I just get so low some days... its so weird!! its so true I'm actually so happy I've gone through all of this. I think its made me so much stronger, made me into the person I'm meant to be :). Hope you're feeling better beauty & trust me tomorrow will be better. Love ali Ox

  4. Having tea and eats sounds so fun! I have always wanted to throw my own little tea party and dress up in majestic dresses :-). I am glad you're feeling better. It's crazy how depression can come out of nowhere, but I think if you begin to recognize how it comes and when and where it comes about, you can be better prepared.

    1. ah I know! I always wanted to do that too.. but everyone seemed to frown upon my idea. Cara me & you will have a tea party!! aha you're so so right everything is so much better now :). Hope you're enjoying summer are you of anywhere nice? Ox

  5. Hi you! <3 I have finally been able to getting on a computer where I am and do the link exchange! :) Right now I´m going to start my 4th week at the Anorexia Recovery ward. Here I will be staying for 5 weeks and then come back later for 7 or more weeks, having my own room and sleeping here. Like full time care or how to describe it. It is very hard and I´m struggling. I find it hard to chose recovery. I read all about how you choose it and how things are most of the time good for you. And I also wanna feel better but it is hard cause it means I have to gain weight and go out of the comfort that Ana has given me. But I will keep fighting somehow even if I at times just wanna die.., I have to take care of the opportunity of being admitted here because it is usual very hard to get that chance.
    I want to congratulate you for making it through this month!!! <3 Even though it was super hard you continued and kept going! And that is AMAZING!!! <3 And no matter how you did on the exams at least you did them and you have to remember that your health is more important than school work even though it might be hard to see trust me. <3
    You should be SOOO PROUD of yourself for always keep on going even though you want to give up and taking it one day at a time worked super good for you! :) I´m so happy and proud of you for always getting up in the morning and keep fighting even if you don´t really want to! YOU ARE FIGHTER!!! <3 <3 You inspire us all to kick Anorexia´s skinny ass for good. YOU WILL WIN THIS!!! <3 KEEP GOING CUTIE!!! <3 YOU ARE AMAZING!!! <3
    MANY MANY HUGS!! <3 :)

    1. So so proud of you beauty!!
      I know its so hard to pick recovery but going into treatment is such a big step, and you should feel so proud for taking it.
      How is it there? Are you enjoying it?
      I promise you even though things seem unbearable now they will get better.
      You are so strong girlie, so much more so than you give yourself credit for, and I know you will make it through this!!
      You're comment has actually made my day!!
      Literally you are the sweetest!!
      Keep going beauty! You are doing amazing & you will get better!!
      Lots of love, ali Ox

  6. I love reading your blog and i have nominated you for both the versatile blogger award and the one lovely blog award
    Click here: :) x