Thursday, 28 June 2012

El arrecife, el arrecife, el arrecife esta en el fuego!!!!!

!Adios chicas!
!Hoy voy a Tenerife!
Una semana de bebiendo, baile y divertido.
!Estoy emocionando!

Impressing with my linguistic skills :P
Ah girlies I'm so excited!
I will miss all of you (of course!) but I just can't wait to get away from it all.
So please don't stop reading my blog because I will be back!
Hopefully in a week i'll be back a lovely golden brown & maybe even a few kg heavier :P

Hope you all have an amazing week :)
Anyone of anywhere nice?

Love & hugs,
ali Ox


  1. Good luck Chica!!!
    have a blast and dont forget the sunscreen! :-p

    1. Aha I certainly didn't, think I came back whiter than when I left!! You must be so happy its holidays for you now! Of anywhere nice? Ox

  2. Have a good time!! :) Hope you meet loads of nice people (GUYS! XD) and enjoy yoursefl! :) eat nice food!
    And cant wait to read when you're back! :)

    Im still following, so i'll see when you next post :) looking forward to it!

    1. LOL izzy you make me laugh so much! I certainly did girlie ;P. How was your hol? Ox

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