Sunday, 27 May 2012

"Your blog is so egocentric"

In the last few days I've started to allow my friends to read my blog, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I mean they were all so sweet, saying how proud they were of me etc etc but now I kinda feel like when I'm having a bad day can I still write about it? & now can I still bitch about them?? aha

But now I'm thinking my blog is like a diary for me, it just helps me get out all the shit going through my mind. So if sometimes on my mind I'm gona say it. Tbh its their choice to read it or not so who cares! aha I'm such a great friend... aha

Okay that does sound incredibly mean! & as i've mentioned countless times I do actually have the most amazing friends! I wouldn't bitch about them, its just if they say something that upsets me usually i'd blog about it, because that way I can realise whats actually happened & calm myself down. But now if they read what I've said aren't they just gona be mad at me? I don't know...

Anyway I'll be the first to admit my blog is incredibly self-centred & vain, but its my blog, why can't it be?
I would hope i'm not a self-centred person. So who cares if I have a blog where it is all about me, I mean isn't a blog meant to be like that?
I guess it just kinda hurt me when my friend was like "your blog is so egocentric" I was like yes, is that a problem?
Okay I am over reacting but the tone she used I just kinda felt like it was a dig at me. I'm not upset with her or anything (sorry iqraa!!) but I guess its something I'm really conscious of, I mean what if I am an egocentric person...

Ah I don't know :/ hopefully I'm not! Anyway I'll end this 5am rant... insomnia is great :) isn't it?? aha
& hope you all have a lovely sunday, any plans?

Lots of love, ali Ox

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