Sunday, 27 May 2012

weigh in...

Tomorrow I have to go to the clinic :/
I was thinking about calling & cancelling but I know I need to go.
I guess I'm just kinda worried that I've gained to much.
I kinda feel like I'm just gaining & gaining & will they ever let me stop??

I sound so stupid! I know I won't continue gaining, I know how to control my weight, but I'm still scared...

I'm just praying tomorrow goes okay,
wish me luck, ali Ox


  1. that's a natural fear to feel. i know for me I was terrified that once i started gaining... i wouldn't stop! and it kept me stuck in limbo for a long time before i got the courage to trust my treatment team enough to believe that i wouldn't keep gaining, that my body would find it's set point and stay there. and it was hard but my body did get to that point, and now i am at the same weight give or take a pound or two and it stays there.

    i just want to say be patient with yourself and do the best you can. i know its scary and hard but try little by little to trust your team enough to know that your body will find its set point and not keep going up!

    good luck tomorrow!! ; )

    1. You're so right! Thank you <3. Can I ask what weight/bmi did you have to get to? Love your blog btw, ali Ox

  2. That is such a common fear. I went through that when I was weight restoring. Trust your team. THey want health and will not health. They will not let you gain and gain and lose control that way. Talk to them about your fears. I am sure they have heard it all before. But I assure you, they do not want you to be overweight or unhealthy.

    1. You're so right, I don't know why I worry myself! Bdw so proud of you for giving up your scale! it really is such a big step, keep fighting, ali Ox