Saturday, 26 May 2012


Happy saturday everyone!! :)

Today the weather is actually gorgeous, I can't wait to just get outside & enjoy the sun!
I love summer but I always feel so conscious. I just hate showing my legs!

I know that sounds stupid given the little shorts I wear but I just feel disgusting when I show my bare legs.
It's weird I just always feel so so fat in the summer... like way more than in the winter.
But today its boiling so I'm just going to grin & bear it & soak up the sun :)

Hope you all have a great saturday, any plans?
love ali Ox

me & my two best friends :)


  1. Hey!! :) Summer is usually hard if you have/had/recovering from an ED.. but like you said, its best to just grin and bear.. no point going around in jeans and a long jacket when its so warm!! :) And you will feel better, get more confident!! :)

    Its going well at the gym!! i love running!! Im doing some weight lifting and that aswell as i want to gain muscle!! So its going well, of course.. its not so easy. haha
    Are you running? How often?

    Hope you have a good day today! Are you going to watch Euro vision tonight? :)

  2. thank you :) its great to see how confident you are! Loved your summery outfit on friday so much! You're so good! Like literally you're so healthy! I really want to gain muscle too (but I was slightly worried I was being all "anorexic" about it & thinking muscle weighs more than fat so I can look the same but be "healthy"...). Ahaha I actually can't run! sounds stupid right? but really I genuinely have never been able to run, everyone takes the mic.. :(. I started doing more sit-ups & that though & hopefully will start riding my bike & using my trampoline more :). It just feels so weird at first, going from not being allowed to like walk to being able to do anything (healthily). Anyway I just wanted to say I'm so so proud of you, even since like christmas you've come so so far! Hope you have a good day too :). Yes! was so funny, I loved russia! & germany was so hot! Congratulations for winning! hope you enjoyed your night :) Ox