Thursday, 31 May 2012


I think I have an addiction to chewing gum...
Seriously I get through like a pack a day, I don't know whats wrong with me!

I feel like every time I eat I need gum afterwards and its driving me crazy!
Today I decided I have to quit, cold turkey.
But I'm literally shaking I don't know what to do!
Have any of you gone through this?
How do you get over it??

ali Ox


  1. i love gum.. but im not addicted to it. I am addicted to diet drinks though and i went cold turkey during lent and that went well... at first i felt awful.. cus i was missing the caffeine and the aspartamine (sweetner which is really bad for you and is in gum aswell. . its what makes you addicted)
    but i did feel better after like a week... but after lent i fell back into my addiction again... which isny good. sweetners are bad for your health but im just lil whatever... its not doing too much harm.. even though it might be.

    Gum has aspartamine. which is a sweetners which is very bad... but its what makes you addicted... and that's why its hard to let it go... so the first week might be hard.
    im no one to look up to when it comes to giving gum/diet drinks up... but i think its a good thing to do. So stick it out and hopefully you can let go of the addiction!! :)
    good luck

    1. I'm so addicted to diet drinks too & I have like a table spoon of sweetener in every coffee! I couldn't work out what it was but now I get it! Im actually so proud of what you did over lent, I don't think I could last a day! Unfortunately I gave in & had some gum & pepsi max :( but then part of me thinks if its stops me from binging/purging then maybe its not so bad? Loved your blog btw!! <3 Ox