Thursday, 31 May 2012

feeling all patriotic :)

So this weekend is such a big celebration in England- its our Queen's diamond jubilee!
Seriously everyone is acting patriotic- its so cool :) aha

I guess living in London you don't really feel a big sense of community so its kinda nice when everyone comes together to celebrate :)
So in honour I decided to paint my nails with the English flag :) (meant to be british but that was way to hard!! aha)

Anyway are any of you celebrating this weekend?
ali Ox

Drinking my coffee :)

Outfit for the day


  1. WOOP jubileee!!!
    did you paint the union jack nails yourself?!?! that takes some mad skills!!! roll on bank holiday funtimes :-)
    are u doing anything for it?

    1. aha nah that would take some skill!! I tried but settled for the english flag- much easier :P hows your jubilee weekend? what are you doing? I'm actually not I just watched the pageant yesterday but was it me or was that incredibly boring! Ox

  2. I love your Jubilee nails! Makes me wish I was doing something now! Guess I will be watching it from my sofa! What are you doing for the Jubilee?
    Summer x

    1. Thank you summer!
      Hope you gave a great Jubilee weekend <3
      thats all I'm doing too but I'm quite bored of it! Hope the concert will be good tonight :)
      Hows your weekend? Ox