Sunday, 27 May 2012


So did you all watch eurovision??

I don't usually watch it but this year everyone seemed so into it so I thought why not join in?
I kinda thought I'd be spending the night watching it alone but my dad & fiona, martin & luke all watched it with me :).
Its weird I haven't had a family tv night in so long but last night we all sat watching eurovision, all singing along & I just felt so so happy :)
We just kinda felt like a real family, like we never spend time together, I mean we don't even eat dinner together, so it just felt so special to all be relaxing, joking about :)

Anyway congrats to Sweeden!
Although I did think Russia was amazing, & did everyone else notice how fit the german guy was!!
Who was your favourites?

Hope you all had a great night,
love ali Ox


  1. The Russian ladies were so cute!! Haha.
    but pf course im glad Sweden one!! I thought Loreen was really good. And its cool that. Eurovision will be in Sweden next year!!!
    The German was really cute!! So good looking!!! XD
    Im glad you had a good time with your family!!!
    Hope you have a good Sunday!!

    1. haha I know! I loved the one that kept looking in the camera!
      She actually was! Ow yh! I'm sure it'll be really good :) you should go see it!
      aha i know!! I feel like I spent the whole show looking for the hottest guy & it was definitely him! aha
      Thank you :) have an amazing time in ireland! Cant wait to hear all about it, ali Ox