Sunday, 27 May 2012

100th post!!

Woo! 100 posts!
Actually so happy! Feeling quite proud :) aha
A lot has happened over the last 99 posts, theres been ups & downs but I have come far & even though Ive got a way to go I'm confident I will recover.

Even though going back to living a normal life, with all the responsibilities & stress, is hard, life isn't meant to be easy. Sometimes I do think life would be so much easier if I was just ill again, but it wouldn't be. Part of life is having to face up to your problems & deal with them, I can't keep hiding from them, using ana as an excuse. Yes at the moment it is difficult, but things will get easier & I have so so much to live for.

I think the key is just taking each day as it comes & reminding yourself of how great your life actually is!
I really am lucky for everything I have & I do have so many things to look forward to.
I guess when I have tough moments I need to remind myself of this.

So cheers to many more positive posts & recovery for all of us!
Love ali Ox

P.S. what has changed for all of you since the start of this year?

<< me yesterday- Gosh I am so vain!! aha

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