Wednesday, 18 April 2012

wake up!!

Why am I so exhausted??

Do any of you have those days where you physically can't get out of bed, you just need to sleep.

Recently after I eat a meal I feel like I need to go to bed.
All I want is to be alone in my bed resting, but why??

I'm slightly worried I'm making myself tired, making myself sleep just to make sure I don't eat until my next meal.
I don't know why but that's a huge fear of mine at the moment.
Like following my meal plan I'm pretty much fine with, I'm used to it. But if I get hungry in-between I panic, I don't know what to do.

I guess days like this really upset me. They make me think that even though I'm eating more, I'm a healthier weight, aren't I just making up new rules, isn't ana still controlling me?

Ah I think I just analyse things way too much!! aha
I think I just need to wake up, get out of bed and go watch some tv :)
Waterloo Road, the apprentice & the only way is essex- wednesdays rule!! aha

Hope your all having a good evening,

ali Ox

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  1. You're so pretty,
    I am going to read your blog properly, Time is currently off the essence, But soon! for sure,