Friday, 20 April 2012

Perfect evening :)

I truely think an evening in with friends is my idea of the perfect evening.
Sure I like a good night out but being with the people you love just chatting just makes me smile :).

I know I write about them often but my friends really do make my life!
I think going through a time where you block all your friends out and they're still there for you proves just how amazing they are!

So today I finished school at 1 woo!
So I arranged to meet my best friends for a coffee.
I love coffee like actually could not live a day without it so I was excited :) aha.
When we got there my friends were like hmm I'm hungry let's go mcdonalds.


Part of me just said no! Go home make an excuse.

But no, I wasn't going to do that to them.

So I went and I ordered a chicken legend- and it was yum! Aha

I've had a massive fear of fast food. Like chocolate and that I'm okay with but burgers, chips etc just freak me out!
But today was the perfect challenge to that :).

I had convinced myself I couldn't eat mcdonalds. That it would make me ill. And because of that I avoided it for so long! But today made me realise just how easily I can trick myself...
But I'm gona put a stop to that! :)

So after our mccay Ds we said our goodbyes and I went to a friends house :).
It was such a lovely evening but was kinda weird when dinner came. I has already eaten at mcdonalds, I was full I didn't know what to do.
But I thought I can eat later, I have already eaten dinner it's not bad to just eat a little or tell them.
So I said I already ate, I saw the glances like "hmm has she really?" but I just went with it.
Maybe I should've ate I don't know :/.

Anyway sitting here enjoying my snack of yogurt and muesli I don't think I've done too badly today food-wise, right? Aha

Hope you're all enjoying your friday night! Have an amazing weekend Ox

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