Wednesday, 18 April 2012

meal plans.

My day in food :) aha.

I guess the whole concept of a meal plan kinda irritates me. I want to eat when I'm hungry, eat what I feel like eating, but I can't.

But then I do understand why I can't. At the moment if I didn't have a meal plan I doubt I would eat enough. I hope soon I'll be trusted to eat normally but until then having a meal plan actually makes things easier. I mean I know exactly what I have to eat, I'm prepared for it. So I'm not really as anxious. There's less of the; 'what should I eat?' 'Should I even eat now?' 'How much longer could I wait until I had to eat?' and for me that makes life a lot easier :)

So this is mainly what I eat;

Yogurt & muesli <<yum!!
1 slice toast
Orange juice

Chocolate bar <3/ cake/ cereal bar & juice/ yogurt & biscuits etc

Cereal bar/yogurt etc

Chocolate bar <3/ cake/ cereal bar & juice/ yogurt & biscuits etc

Normal dinner- curry, pasta, roast etc

Yogurt, biscuits, cereal bar etc

At first I felt I couldn't do it. I felt constantly scared and guilty.  But now I kinda like it :) aha.
Sure some days I really don't want to eat this much but I keep going and trust me it's worth it.

Was wondering if any of you had meal plans too?

Post later, ali Ox

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