Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chocolate = happiness :)

Impressed with my culinary skills??

Okay so it doesn't look great but this salad was so good!

And healthy too :)

I always kinda thought healthy food wasn't meant to taste nice but it really does!

Today I realised that eating normally doesn't mean you can't eat a treat, even everyday!
Like today I had my salad, chicken and salad potatoes for lunch and dinner, so I feel I ate very healthily :). So tonight instead of just having yogurt I really felt like a yorkie, and thought why not?
At first anorexia was screaming no! You've already eaten to much, you don't deserve that chocolate.
But I thought well actually I do!
I've felt a bit low today, so why couldn't I have some chocolate as a little 'pick me up'?
And after I ate it I didn't feel guilty, I felt good!
Chocolate really does make a girl happy :) aha

Post later, chal bellas Ox


  1. Of course you deserve the chocolate!! And im so prroud that you ate the chocolate! Such imporvments!
    To know what 'you' want, and not Ana... and to actually do it/eat it! :)
    Its soo good!!

    I love healthy foods. I've always been a bit of a health junkie, but i have a good balance of healthy, and a treat!! :)

    And thank you so much! You're so pretty aswell! :)

    What shops do you shop in? whats your favourite outfit?! :)

  2. you're so right thank you! Its weird how I'm starting to realise I actually eat quite healthily. I mean Iove chocolate but apart from that I actually eat well :). Aw thank you but seriously you are stunning and when you're fully healthy you will make such an amazing model! I love H&M, River Island, Forever 21, hollister & gilly hicks(wish I could afford it!). I guess I love so many shops I'm lucky to live in London so I'm so close to everything. What about you? Do you prefer the fashion in sweeden or in the uk? Favourite outfit.. thats so tough! I think just something casual like leggins & a long top but think i'll do a post on that :) Ox