Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sorry... again!

Firstly sorry I didn't post yesterday!

I was so excited, so ready (atleast I thought) but I couldn't do it.
The curry was just too much of a challenge.

I spent all night thinking what should I post? Should I lie?
I just didn't want to be seen as a failure.

But then I thought, maybe it's not so bad.
Yes I did fail the challenge but it doesn't make me a failure.
Perhaps I was too optimistic about how much I could do?

So I decided why not set a new challenge?
So tonight I had some friends over; we ordered a pizza, and I ate.
I ate without thinking what I was doing, without working out the calories, without panicking.
And I enjoyed it.

I'm upset I failed my curry challenge, but in a way I'm proud that I didn't let that stop me.
And soon maybe I'll be fully ready for that curry :)

Hope you're all having a nice night

#fightingbackharder Ox


  1. Ali!!!!! o my god!!!! well well WELL done!!! you are so freaking FANTASTIC i cant even possibily tell you how proud i am of you!! and you completely deserve to be so proud of yourself too because your attitude and determination is truely amazing! That was such a unbelievable achievement and it is a MASSIVE step towards recovery so well done, you are closer to freedom than you have EVER been before. you will never regret making the brave choice that you did- you are such an inspiration so keep up the fantastic challanges because they will only make you feel better and better and make you stronger and stronger. well done hunni! keep fighting!!! big hugs!

    1. Aww sarah you're so sweet thank you! I actually do feel quite proud of myself. It felt so weird to just pick up a slice and eat it, without thinking about it at all. Thank you so so much hunni for all your support. You are really helping me! How are things with you, ali Ox