Sunday, 4 March 2012


I don't know why but when I have a drink anas voice seems to disapear.
I feel so much more happier, relaxed and I'm able to eat.


It's weird tonight I only had one glass but I wasn't anxious or afraid of eating.
I was so confused and then I thought maybe it's not the alcohol?

Having my friends around me, joking around, taking shots is just an enjoyable evening, if I drink or not.
And having more evenings like these is what will help me to ignore ana.

It felt amazing tonight to fully join in.
To be the person that I used to be.
And to see how happy it made my friends to finally have me back.

I'm not saying I'm fully recovered just yet but I finally have hope again that I can and will.

The perfect end to a lovely evening has to be snuggled up in my comfy pjs watching sex and the city :)

Promise to post much more,
Night beauties Ox


  1. I'm the same with alcohol. Over christmas, things got a bit too much.. there was food everywhere, all the time. And i started feeling panicked, but then if i only had like one glass wine or something.. i felt relaxed and happy and suddenly calories and food dint mater so much? It felt like i was free? i didnt worry so much.
    Of course the next day i didnt feel so great.

    And i got really worried that i would start drinking to drown the pain & fear... but luckily.. im not addicted to alcohol. :)

    Do you take any medcine for anxiety or anything?
    Hope things go well :)
    Good luck

    1. I was so worried about that too!
      It's so good to hear someone else feels the same.
      I just started to take some a few weeks ago it's called fluxetine I think. Do you take any?
      Good luck for you too, expecially for tomorrow :)
      I'm seriously so proud of you for calling mando, it really proves how much you want this.
      You can get better, ali Ox