Friday, 24 February 2012

You're not alone

Everyone has problems.

Everyone has fears, insecurities and days where they feel low.

Talking to some girls from class I realised it's normal to wake up in a bad mood and just want to be alone.
What't not normal is to give in to that.

I was starting to feel sorry for myself. Like I was having such a tough time and everyone else just had it so easy. But the truth is everyone has a hard life, you just have to get along with it.

I can't let my problems dominate every moment of my life.
Everyone has problems. If we all let them get to us we'd never get anywhere.

It's okay that some days I feel scared, insecure and low.
And I will have days like that. But through recovery everyday won't be like that anymore.
Recovery won't make my life perfect, but the more I'm beating this the easier my life is becoming.

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