Thursday, 23 February 2012

We are all actors

I'm scared. Terrified infact.

I can feel my stomach and thighs growing. I can feel myself getting fatter every second.

But I can overcome this fear.
And until then why should I let it dominate my life?
Why shouldn't I have a day without ana, where I pretend to be normal again.

Maybe the key to recovery is going on living life, and letting ana take a backseat to it.

I know I have an eating disorder but why should everyday, every decision be affected by it?

So today yes I woke up in panic but I went on with my life. I went to school, talked to my friends, went to class. I realised that I can be normal again.

Sure it may take a little bit of acting, but what's the harm in that?

#doingwhatiwantnotwhatyoudemand Ox

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