Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 1

A picture of yourself with five facts.

1. I hate needles.

2. I can't smile properly.

3. I couldn't live without sugarfree gum.

4. I always wanted to be a dancer.

5. I wish I could fully apreciate my life.

my outfit for today Ox


  1. i am so happy that my comments are actally helping you seriously are continuing to amaze me! and you should defo go for the curry with your friends you COMPLETELY deserve it and O My God cuury is definitely NOT the 'most fattening food ever!!! it could actually even be a perfectly balance and even healthy meal if you got some veggies on the side, like think about it: Rice= low fat serving of carbs, meat=protein if you get chicken=lowfat protein, sauce= possibliy veg?? tomato-based=lowfat but really you should get whatever type YOU not ed wants bcuz everyone needs some fat in their diet especialy if you are trying to restore you body after putting it through the HELL of ed. go knows it is craving some fat!!! so if you're feeling scared or nervous about it just remeber how long your body survived on so little!!! one curry is DEFINITELY not gonna make up for all the days you resticted! hope this helps and huni? keep going like this and YOU WILL be the MOST AMAZING dancer ever. Without ed what in the world would be stopping you??? HUGS!!! from sarah

    1. You are so so right! Thank you so much sarah <3. I guess I was panicking so much but you're right, theres no way one meal, no matter how fatty, can make me huge. And if I do feel like its too much of a challenge I can just order something a little less fatty. Thank you hunnie, how are things going for you? Ox