Thursday, 23 February 2012


Recently I think one of the things that's been keeping me going is looking forward to things.

When I was quite ill I gave up on everything, I just didn't care anymore.
But now I'm excited for so many things.

Every week I try and do something exciting to keep me going. It doesn't have to be something big just something to remind me why I want to get better and how much I have to live for.

So tomorrow I'm of to Starbucks with some of the girls and then I'm going to bake :).

Not the most thrilling Friday night but for me its a step to socialising and doing the things I enjoy again.

Hope you all have fun weekends planned Ox

Me and my little bro <3
He became so scared of me because of it but we've really started to become close. It means so much to see him smile and talk to me again :)

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